Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Happy New Year! from Kyoto JAPAN!!

A Happy New Year! from Kyoto JAPAN!!

Kyoto is one of japan’s oldest cities, and various traditional cultures, foods, and beautiful townscapes still living here beyond the time of thousand years.

In the last few days of past year, I had worked to make Japanese traditional food "Osechi" for helping my mother.

“Osechi” is a famous food to spend beginning days of new year easily and happily. It has so many different recipes on every regions and homes. In case of my family, all cooking steps and tastes are under control on my mother.

The cooking begins from making soup using sea tangle and dried bonito shavings. This step is much important and needs careful works because all foods are based on this soup in taste.

Shrimps, Taros, Lotus roots, Burdocks etc.. season these vegetables and meats to different tastes.

Also bake a duck, and then take a little rest...

At the end, dish up all foods beautifully.

In the twilight of cold winter, Snow flakes came down silently.
Then, busy days passing through with the past year, and the bright light of new year are coming with the new next innocent hope.

We are planning to develop “CueZy 9 Pad Sampler App” including various additional functions this year too. Therefore, please look forward to our action continually.

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Tak Mitsuhashi
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CueZy 9 Pad Sampler App v2.0.2 released.

CueZy - 9 Pad Sampler version 2.0.2 is now available in the Apple App Store.

*What's New in this Version
- Corrected bugs about displaying Restriction mark.
- General bug fixes.

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