Sunday, January 25, 2015

Music Sampler App CueZy v2.2.3 Released

Music Sampler App CueZy version 2.2.3 is now available on the AppStore.

*Changes Made
- Can switch Music Picker screen between CueZy original and iPod normal.
- Fixed bugs for pad operation.

To switch the type of the music picker between CueZy original and iPod normal for selecting audio, press the  Picker button until the picker launches.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Important] Revised version 2.2.2 Released

Today, we have released the revised version(v2.2.2) of CueZy, and It is already available on the App Store.

With this trouble, we are very sorry for making you worried.
But, our development still continues from now, so please look forward to the next action!

Thank you.

Tak Mitsuhashi
CueZy Dev-Team


Various audio files can be selected and assigned from various services including Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, and Open-in function.
A detail of the new Music Picker screen is HERE!

Music Sampler App CueZy is from HERE!

Monday, January 5, 2015

[Important] Serious problem on version 2.2.1.

[ This problem has been fixed with new update (v2.2.2) ]

About CueZy version 2.2.1 that is released in few days ago, we are sorry, but serious problem were found today.

- When restore the licenses that already purchased, in some cases, the app may crash, and become unavailable.

About this problem, now we are waiting for the review on the App Store with the revised version (v2.2.2). So please update to the revised version 2.2.2 immediately when it is released, if you are already using the version 2.2.1.

In the case that you need restore the licenses before the next release, please try the following steps:

- In the first launching of CueZy, you will see the confirm (Would you like to restore to the purchased licenses?) on the setting screen. When you see this message, please be sure to tap NO.

- And then, tap the license button to start the purchasing process normally.
(Then, the confirmation of the purchase will be displayed. but you will not be charged about the licenses that is already purchased.)

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Please send us an Email from the support page, if you have any questions.

About CueZy's license

Thank you.

Tak Mitsuhashi
CueZy Dev-Team

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Music Sampler App CueZy v2.2.1 Released.

A Happy New Year!!

Thank you always for using and enjoying CueZy!

The new version of CueZy (version 2.2.1) is now available on the App Store.
By using the new Music Picker screen, you can select and assign any audio by four ways of following services.

- iPod library
- Open-in function on other apps
- iTunes File sharing
- Dropbox service

CueZy is going to grow this year too. So please look forward to our next action.
Thank you.

Tak Mitsuhashi
CueZy Dev-Team

Download App from App Store.

How to use new Music Picker screen.