Thursday, September 19, 2013

CueZy 9 Pad Sampler 2.0.1 released.

Music sampler app "CueZy 9 Pad Sampler" presents version 2.0.1 with major updates. Now available in the Apple App Store.

By using Fader/Slider screen, you can control individual volumes at the same time.

Fader/Slider screen

*The changes for this release are as follows:
- Introducing fader view(Fader/Slider screen), where the audio volume for a maximum of 9 pads can be adjusted;
- Background audio can be played;
- Introducing AirPlay control (Connection with Apple TV, AirMac Express, Bluetooth audio device, etc...)
- Refined audio engine;
- Duration and remaining time of the audio will be displayed on each pad;
- Display optimization for iPad/iPhone5 use;
- Responds to automatic screen rotation; and
- Addition of Tweet album (connected to twitter account).

This is Demo Video for new version of CueZy.

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