Friday, July 31, 2015

Music Sampler App CueZy v2.3.1 Released.

Today, Music Sampler App CueZy presents the New version 2.3.1.

Additional new functions of v2.3.1 is below.

- Can be saved and reloaded current pad settings by using the new backup function.
- Can be made and exported new packages including a setting file and audio files by using the new backup function.

To create or handling backup files, please open the Backup section on the Music Picker screen.

This section can also be opened from the Backup button on the Setting screen.

For more informations, please see a help page from here.

App can be downloaded from App Store.

This is scenes of app tests on my work as a sound engineer. CueZy is being developed based on the various experience of live performances and theatrical sound works.

This is from KnitCapTheatr #34 "KAMUSARI"

Now we are already planning the next generation of CueZy. So please look forward to our next action.
Thank you.

Tak Mitsuhashi
CueZy Dev-Team

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